Test 1 Monday 21 February

Please see Canvas —> MATH6040 —> Assignments for more information.

Lectures on Chapter 2 will continue at 20:25.

Week 4

For technical reasons, we were unable to have the Concept MCQ about vectors so we started by looking at Chapter 2: Matrices. We did some examples of matrix arithmetic and looked at Matrix Inverses — “dividing” for Matrices. This allowed us to solve matrix equations.

Some deeper discussion here:

Why do we multiply matrices like we do?

Why can’t I divide by zero?

We had no tutorial time (bar Example 4 on p.71).

Homework/Study – Once prepared for Test 1

How much time you put into homework is up to you: of course the more time you put in the better but we all have competing interests. Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email, or even better on this webpage.

I would invite you to try

  • p.76, Q. 1-5
  • p.80, Q. 1-2
  • p.83, Q. 1-6

In addition, you can hand up your work in class and I will have it correct for the week after.

Week 5

You will have your test. In lectures, we will look at linear systems. We might have some tutorial time.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email.

Student Resources

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