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Assignment 2 – Hard Copy Hand Up

Students have submitted a digital copy of their assignment (and so have submitted on time) but have not given me a hard copy. If you have a hard copy (and not under ferocious pressure with your presentations), please bring it to A285 tomorrow Friday 8 April between 08:40 and 10:30.

Week 11

On Monday and Wednesday we continued to work on double integration. Between Wednesday and Thursday we completed example 2 on p.189.

People who have not watched the systems of ODE lecture on YouTube should do so.

There is also an abstract whiteboard YouTube lecture here.

We had maybe an hour and a half of tutorial time looking at systems of odes/double integration.

Week 12

On Monday we will work on triple integration. If needs be we will finish this material on Wednesday.

It is my plan also to give ye a look at your Assignment 1 and possibly your Assignment 2 if I have them corrected.

The rest of the week’s classes will be tutorials.

Week 13, Review Week

We will go through an exam paper, answer questions, and have tutorial time as appropriate. The Monday is a bank holiday.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email or even better on this webpage.

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