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Written Assessment 1 Worked Solutions

40% Written Assessment 2

See Canvas -> Assignments for time and venue.

The Written Assessment will be a mix of theory and calculation questions from throughout the whole module. The best preparation for this assessment will be doing exercises, as the questions on the paper will be a similar style to those in the exercises.

MCQ League

There is one more round left in the MCQ League and we will have this in the lab slots in Week 12 (see below). See Canvas for the current standings. I will have the cash prizes with me the day of Written Assessment 2.

Week 11

In the lecture slots, I continued to do theory/calculation exercises from the notes. The slides from Wednesday are on Canvas (Remote Exercise Lecture Slides).

In the VBA lab, we had our second assessment.

Week 12

In the lecture slots, I will continue theory/calculation exercises from the notes.

In the VBA lab, we will have the final MCQ. Students will have the option of having tutorial time on the exercises or looking at Lab 8. I will recommend students look at Lab 8.

Week 13

In the 10:00 Tuesday class I will do theory/calculation exercises from the notes. The final 40% written assessment is on Tuesday. More information will appear on Canvas next week.


Study should consist of

  • doing exercises from the notes
  • completing VBA exercises

Student Resources

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