Student Feedback

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Written Assessment 1 Worked Solutions

40% Written Assessment 2

See Canvas -> Assignments for time and venue.

The Written Assessment will be a mix of theory and calculation questions from throughout the whole module. The best preparation for this assessment will be doing exercises, as the questions on the paper will be a similar style to those in the exercises.

MCQ League – Final Standings

See Canvas.

VBA Test 2 Results

I hope to release these at some stage over the weekend.

Week 12

In the lecture slots, we continued theory/calculation exercises from the notes.

In the VBA lab, we had the final MCQ. Students looked at Lab 8.

Week 13

In the 10:00 Tuesday class I will do theory/calculation exercises from the notes. The final 40% written assessment is on Tuesday. More information will appear on Canvas next week.


Study should consist of

  • doing exercises from the notes
  • completing VBA exercises

Student Resources

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