The manuals are available in the Copy Centre (at a cost of €15) and should be purchased as soon as possible.

Timetable Issues

For this week only, the SEE2 tutorial at 3 pm on Thursday will not go ahead. Instead the SEE2 tutorial will be held in A272 at 12 pm on Wednesday.

Please keep an eye on your email on Monday. If the AV situation is not sorted in A272 by then I will be trying to arrange alternative rooms (which has its own risks).

Week 1

We began our study of Chapter 1, Vector Algebra by studying the difference between a scalar (single number) and a vector (list of numbers). We looked at how to both visualise vectors and describe them algebraically. We learned how to find the magnitude  and direction of a vector, add them and scalar multiply them. We spoke about displacement vectors.

Week 2

In Week 2 we will talk about vector products: the dot product and the vector product.

Test 1

The test will probably be the Tuesday evening, 11 October, of Week 5. Official notice will be given in Week 3. There is a sample test in the notes.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email.

Student Resources

Please see  Student Resources for information on the Academic Learning Centre, etc.