Week 8

We drove into Chapter 4 Algebra, spending a lot of time talking about equations.

In tutorial, C-X focused on Test 2, while C-Y had a good tutorial on functions.

Week 9

We are practically finished talking about the basics of equations. We will spend a lecture or two talking about indices/exponentials. Then we will introduce logs as inverses of exponential functions.

In tutorial, C-X will look at functions, and C-Y move onto algebra. We are very short for time for tutorials: students are advised to spend some time outside tutorials working on exercises.

Week 10

We will spend more time talking about logs, and then we will fly through mini-Chapter 5. Ideally we will spend the last lecture doing the Sample Test 3 in the manual.

40% Test 3 – Functions Algebra

This test will take place Thursday 15 December at 4 pm. Probably in the IT Building (watch this space).

Academic Learning Centre

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