Quiz 1

The first 2.5% quiz will be 11.05 am (SHARP), Wednesday 8 February in F1.2. The quiz will be projected on the screen, and you will write your answers on a sheet I hand out at the start of class.

The quiz will be a single question with three parts, worth 1%, 1%, and then a harder part (that will require independent thought) worth 0.5%.

It will be a 15 minute quiz, and the contents of Section 1.1 will be examined. Relevant exercises:

  • Supplemental Exercises, p.3, Q.1-9
  • Manual, p.14, Q.1-7.

Starred Exercises are harder than will be examined in the quiz.


You need to purchase the manual. See here for details.

Week 2

In Week 2 we looked at arithmetic and geometric sequences in more detail, before going on to do some mathematical modelling using recurrence relations.

We started the chapter on logic.

Week 3

We will continue diving into logic.

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Week 3: 2.5% Quiz 1

Week 6: 2.5% Quiz 2

Week 7: 20% Test

Week 9: 2.5% Quiz 3

Week 12: 2.5% Quiz 4

70% Terminal Exam

See Canvas for more:

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