COMP1B-Y tutorial in Week 8

In Week 8, Thursday March 16, the COMP1B-Y tutorial will be held at 10:00 in A243L rather than 11:00 in C128.

Week 7

We started talking about argument and inference. We had additional tutorial time again on Tuesday and our 20% on Wednesday evening.

Week 8

Argument and inference is difficult: and we will be spending all week trying to get a better handle on it.

Week 9

We will have Quiz 3 20 March at 3 pm in the usual lecture venue. It will be based on argument and inference.

Academic Learning Centre

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Week 3: 2.5% Quiz 1

Week 6: 2.5% Quiz 2

Week 7: 20% Test

Week 9: 2.5% Quiz 3

Week 12: 2.5% Quiz 4

Week 13: 2.5% Quiz 5

Your quiz score will be best four of five.

70% Terminal Exam

Student Resources

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