With the bank holiday, there will be no Friday DME2C Lab in Week 8. If any DME2C student wants to keep up with the MCQ league they can submit their answers to MCQ V (below) here:

Week 8

We will finish looking at boundary value problems (in particular Goal Seek) and maybe look at partial differential equations by looking at Laplace’s Equation.

In VBA we will have Lab 6. We will skip Lab 5.

Week 9

Section 2.1

Lab 7. DME2B’s lab is going to be in F2.11 for the rest of the semester. This is to facilitate another class whose software is in A285 but not F2.11.

Week 10

Section 2.2

Lab 8 (material examinable in final assessment)

Week 11

Finish Section 2.2 and then tutorial time

VBA Assessment 2 in the lab slots

Week 12

Tutorial-like class in the Tuesday lecture. If DME2C are not able to attend any of the Tuesday labs, there will be no labs.


See Canvas for the assessment schedule. There will be more information on assessments the Friday of the week two before the assessment week (i.e. info on Friday of Week 4 about the Week 6 assessment).

MCQ League

No change with the VBA Assessment,


Study should consist of

  • doing exercises from the notes
  • completing VBA exercises

Student Resources

Please see the Student Resources tab on the top of this page for information on the Academic Learning Centre, etc..