15% Assignment 2

Assignment 2 has a hand-in time and date of 11:00 20 April. Assignment 2 is in the manual, and once you finish the exercises in the manual you will be in a great position to start.

15% Assignment 1

These have been corrected and I will bring them with me this week.

Week 8-9

In Week 8, we had good tutorial time on the inverse Laplace transform. Then we finished Section 3.5, the full exam questions.

Then in Week 9, we had a full week of tutorials. Attendance for the double was slack!

Week 10

This is a critical week for this module: please attend properly. This will be a bumper week of tutorials so that you are in great nick to do Assignment 2 over Easter. Students who finish the 19 exercises are invited to start Assignment 2.

Week 11

We will work on double integration and when we finish that section we will have tutorials.

Week 12

We will work on triple integration. When finished we will have tutorial time on that topic.

Week 13, Review Week

We will go through an exam paper, answer questions, and have tutorial time as appropriate. The Monday is a bank holiday. This may or may not affect us.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email or on this webpage.

Student Resources

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