Please put my name on your homework handup also

Please find the Homework. Before you open it don’t be too alarmed: you only have to do ONE of the SIX options. All of the options are about dynamical systems in different areas of math:

  1. Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory & Abstract Algebra
  2. Probability
  3. Differential Calculus
  4. Integral Calculus
  5. Linear Algebra
  6. History of Mathematics

Therefore, if you are good at differential calculus, for example, you should have a look at option 3.

All of these questions are unseen to you and all require some knowledge of modules you are doing now or have done before. Although we have been concentrating on real-valued functions on the set of real numbers (i.e. f(x), etc.), a lot of the theory carries over into more general sets and functions, and this is the main learning outcome of this homework.

I am not going to pretend that this is an easy assignment, but I will say that clear and logical thinking will reveal that the solutions and answers aren’t ridiculously difficult: a keen understanding of the principles of dynamical systems and a good ability in one of the options should see you through.

For those who are still not happy there is an essay option.

The final date for submission is 24 April 2012 and you can hand up early if you want. You will be submitting to the big box at the School of Mathematical Science. If I were you I would aim to get it done and dusted early as this is creeping into your study time and is very close to the summer examinations.

Note that you are will be free to collaborate with each other and use references but this must be indicated on your hand-up in a declaration. Evidence of copying or plagiarism (although this is unlikely as these are original problems by and large) will result in divided marks or no marks respectively. You will not receive diminished marks for declared collaboration or referencing although I demand originality of presentation. If you have a problem interpreting any question feel free to approach me, comment on the webpage or email.

Ensure to put your name, student number, module code (MS 3011), and your declaration on your homework.