20% Test and Quiz 3 Results

The 20% Test results were released in a Canvas announcement, and students can view their script in this week’s labs. The solutions are now in the same announcement if you wish to view these.

I hope to have Quiz 3 corrected by the end of the week.

Quizzes 4 and 5

Quiz 4 will be based on what we covered in Week 10 and will take place Monday 24 April in the usual lecture venue, 09:05-09:20.

Quiz 5 will take place Wednesday 3 May in the usual lecture venue, 10:05-10:20. If this clashes with something, it is your responsibility to contact me. I could move it to Tuesday 2 May in that case.

Quiz 5 will be four quizzes in one: it will be (fairly different) versions of Quizzes 1, 2 (harder), 3, 4, and you pick the one you want to do.

Your 10% quiz grade will be the best four quizzes that you complete from the five opportunities.

Week 9

We will had Quiz 3 20 March at 3 pm in the usual lecture venue. It was based on argument and inference. The timing was not great considering would go on to have a full week of tutorials on argument an inference. However, to balance things out, Quiz 2 was probably too easy, and we are going to have a Quiz 5 in Week 13, and you will be marked out of your four best quizzes. See below.

Week 10

We started the final chapter on Linear Algebra. We had some discussion of vectors, then linear maps, and finally matrices. We are doing matrix arithmetic and the standard matrix representation of a linear map.

Why do we multiply matrices like that?

Weeks 11-12

We will finish the final chapter. We will probably be doing new material right up to the end of Week 12.

I had planned on having a catch-up lecture because I missed a Monday in Week 8. Unfortunately there is no time that suits everyone so that class will have to be cancelled. My apologies.

Academic Learning Centre

Have you heard about Maths Online on Canvas? It’s full of helpful Maths and Stats resources, notes, quizzes and videos to help you throughout the whole year. 

We also use the Maths Online module on Canvas to offer Maths and Stats support to you and answer as many student questions as possible. 

Please log on to Maths online to book a maths appointment, book a place in a supported maths study session or request a workshop Links to an external site..

 If you have any other question about our Maths and Stats supports email us on Academic.Learning@mtu.ie 


Week 3: 2.5% Quiz 1

Week 6: 2.5% Quiz 2

Week 7: 20% Test

Week 9: 2.5% Quiz 3

Week 12: 2.5% Quiz 4

Week 13: 2.5% Quiz 5

Your quiz score will be best four of five.

70% Terminal Exam

Student Resources

Please see the Student Resources tab on the top of this page for information on the Academic Learning Centre, etc.